Personal Trainer

A Call Out For Fitness

We really enjoy our little town all the way out here in Sanborn County. It has been a real pleasure reporting on the new businesses that have setup shop around town. They just seem to keep coming in! We have one or two more to report on in the next couple of days that we are excited about as well but, before we do that we would like to do something a little different. We would like to send a request for a business to expand to our little county. Can you guess what it is? I know if any Sanbornians are reading, they have already guessed it.

We don’t have a gym! Or a trainer for that matter. We would be happy with both. Please don’t take this call out as alluding to something. There is no reading in between the lines here. We all get plenty of daily exercise out here in Sanborn. With all these new people moving out here and the subsequent businesses moving in after them, we think its surprising that not a single trainer or gym has tried to set up shop. Is our population not big enough? Do we seem like the people that wouldn’t be into that sort of thing? Pssssh. This article is here to prove you wrong.

We are looking for a personal trainer that has the equipment and certifications necessary to at least get something going. Obviously a gym would be ideal but beggars can’t be choosers. So, for whoever is reading this out there, we would love to have trainer move out here. You would be constantly busy getting all of us in the shape we want to be. We are looking for the best fitness trainer that would be willing to join our growing town. We want someone that is dedicated to tailoring each work out to each person he or she meets. We have plenty of people out here that are working through various issues and injuries so some background in rehab would be ideal.

We went and looked around some of the bigger cities to try and find some good examples of trainers that we would like to see around here. We found a great personal trainer in Irvine that seems to fit the bill almost exactly. We know these people are out there, someone has got to be looking for some new digs somewhere! Pick Sanborn! We promise it wont be something you ever regret.