Outdoor Landscaping Creates Space For Intentional Living

The United States has been having an epidemic that most of us haven’t even noticed. It isn’t a life-threatening virus, but it does affect our health and daily lives in significant ways. 

The Overworking Epidemic 

Neverending to-do lists. Non-stop slack notifications. Overflowing email inboxes. Many Americans report feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and depressed about having way too much work. But at the same time, we also report being too distracted by the news and social media updates. 

The normalization of wifi and social media usage has created an addiction to digital instant gratification. At any given time, we feel like we should be checking our inboxes for the latest about work or Twitter for the latest celebrity gossip. It’s an itch that doesn’t seem to ever go away—and scratching it only makes it itchier.

Fewer Distractions Equal More Focus

The pace of today’s modern world would be unfathomable to someone who lived in the same era as Emily Dickinson, one of the most important American poets to have ever lived. Dickinson gardened throughout her life, and her experiences with plants were often referenced in her poems. Writing is a task that requires steadfast attention and discipline over the course of many hours and days. This is why it is doubtful that Dickinson would have penned so many influential works in her lifetime had her time been wasted with meaningless mobile distractions. 

We should all strive to put our phones down so that we are less distracted and more focused. The intention isn’t to become more productive so that we can work more than we ought to or need to, but rather for the finitely limited time we have to be spent properly and more meaningfully.

Nature Might Save Us From The Pitfalls Of Technology 

Forbes reports that the landscaping industry continues to see steady growth, thanks to millennials who are becoming prospective homeowners who want more than just a traditional backyard. Today’s young professionals want to be able to work from home and live and play in spaces that are functional throughout all seasons. 

Moreover, millennials are crazed about plants and remote work. Plants became a viral social media trend, as soon as people began having more time to spend at home with loved ones.

If you are in need of some reprieve from constantly being tethered (or wirelessly connected) to the modern world, consider immersing yourself in nature. Your own backyard can become a garden oasis by Torrey Pines Landscaping, professional landscape design services in San Diego. The entire process begins with an interview and discussion to understand your needs and ideas. The landscape design is planned and quoted before work is completed from beginning to end.

Exterior of contemporary house with cozy terrace and garden with bushes and trees on autumn day

Like nature, life is constantly changing. But landscaping trends, such as outdoor kitchens, are here to stay.

From sculptures to water fountains to stone pathways,  Torrey Pines Landscaping is equipped to design and build your backyard, turning it from a dream into a reality. You can give them a call today.

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