An Electrical Highlight

While we normally like covering new businesses in our lovely little town, this entry will be from another blogger that reviewed a business that moved to his town. The reason we are posting it here is because that same business keeps expanding and has also set up shop here. Enjoy this entry, we certainly did.

Back when I was a kid, Newport Beach was nothing more than a little surf town on the coast of California. We didn’t have these fancy buildings and businesses that seem to be popping up every other week. Everyone knew everyone and things were simpler back then. Jimmy owned the bar, Russ was the butcher, Tommy ran the surf shack,  Ellen was in charge of the grocery store, and everyone went to church on Sunday morning (after we caught a few waves that is).

Nowadays everything is different. You’ve got these “hipsters” looking down at their smartphones all day and no one is talking to anyone, they don’t even greet you when you walk by anymore. I’ll tell you what, I think all these “smart” phones are just making people dumber. My grandson was showing me his phone the other day and all of the fancy, new apps he has installed on it. Give me my “dumb” phone any day of the week, it works perfectly fine and I’ll make sure to greet you properly when I see you walking down the street.

Alas, for as much as I may not like it, it seems like this town, along with technology will just continue to grow and move forward. I kid you not, every week there is a new business starting up in our town. My blog is mostly read by those at my retirement community and as the defacto town historian I’ve made it my duty to report on each new business that comes to the neighborhood to keep us old folks up-to-date on all the changes.

The newest business in town is called The Tradesman Electrician and we got a first-hand review of them just last week. The power went out last Wednesday at the retirement community and it caused a great hubbub. Fanny’s oxygen machine needed power and George was missing his episode of Matlock…George never misses Matlock. We knew we needed some help, but we didn’t know where to find someone who could do electrical repair in Newport Beach. Luckily for us, my grandson happened to be visiting that day and he pulled out his phone and started playing on this app called Yelp. Apparently, it rates all of the businesses in the area.

We gave them a call and they were able to come out right away and helped us to get our power back up and running. They were so quick, George didn’t even have to miss a whole episode of Matlock, they got the power up and running just in time to see who did it. And I’m happy to report that Fanny ended up being just fine. The communities generators lasted long enough to keep her oxygen machine running until the power came back on.

The nice gentleman from the Tradesman were really great at their jobs and I found out that they had just moved into town. As a gesture of thanks, I told them I would feature them in my next post. I’ve got the 90+ year old market covered. So, if you ever need an electrical help, I would highly recommend them. I also learned that there may be some good with all of this technology after all.

I’m off for my afternoon nap. Until next time,


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