Sanborn County Officials: Hot Times Call For Hotshot Truck Insurance

Welcome back, Sanbornians! This is a special report on some very distressing trends we’ve seen popping up over the past couple of years.

It’s well known that crime is on the rise across the nation, along with a very unfortunate simultaneous rise in the number of fatal car accidents. These two factors have combined to make life quite a bit more dangerous in the years since the pandemic started.

As for Sanborn…well, it’s been said that when the nation catches a cold, Sanborn is already being given its final rites. The crime rates have exploded to the point that the streets are near anarchy and car crashes have become an almost daily occurrence in front of my residence.

While the crime and auto accidents are bad enough on their own, they’ve also severely impacted logistics coming to and from our little community. Trucks are often the targets of vandalism and robbery, and many of the accidents have involved trucks and other commercial vehicles.

While the county scrambles to get this newest emergency under control, they’ve issued a warning for all trucking companies operating in the area to keep their fleets fully insured and increase their security. Luckily for those logistics companies, a new broker has opened up shop in town, no doubt sniffing an opportunity: S.W.A.N. Insurance.

S.W.A.N. has been operating in the San Diego area for years, providing comprehensive protection plans for logistics, heavy equipment operators, and all manner of commercial vehicles for some of the most reasonable prices around. SWAN’s truck insurance has saved more than one owner-operator, and the glowing reviews left by their clients speak to their service skills and conscientiousness. Check them out:

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– Danny Boyd, Google Review

I’ve been working with Chris and his team for over one year and two months. My first insurance for my business. He always makes time for my questions or concerns.

No matter how small or tedious and responses are always timely.

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I would strongly recommend Swan Insurance because of its quality service, full transparency, ease of doing business, and most importantly reliable. Happy with SWAN INSURANCE!!!

– Mattew M., Yelp Review

While your city may not be facing the same level of danger as our unfortunate slice of California, it still pays to protect your fleet, investments, and business. If you’re in need of hotshot trucking or any other commercial vehicle insurance, give SWAN a call:

S.W.A.N. Insurence

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