Luxury Landscaping

Melissa, a reporter for the Sanborn County Daily, walked into the Cozy Café and looked down at her watch, 5 minutes until 7 AM perfect, she thought. She grabbed a coffee, sat down, and waited. After another 5 minutes, she saw a gentleman walk through the door wearing a Torrey Pines Landscaping San Diego shirt. Melissa waved her hand and smiled. The man waved grabbing a coffee quick and then approaching her.

“Hi, Melissa?” he questioned.

“Yes, hello!” She stood extending her hand, “You must be Paul it is so nice to meet you! Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of your work.”

“Wow, thanks,” he replied. Melissa couldn’t help but notice the glimmer of genuine happiness in his eyes. He must receive compliments all the time, she thought. How refreshing it was to talk to someone with a bit of modesty.

“Well, let’s get started, Paul you have recently relocated to our town and with you came quite the business. What inspired the move?” Melissa questioned.

“Well, my family and I were just looking for somewhere quiet to settle down and this seemed like the perfect place,” Paul replied.

“That’s interesting,” Melissa continued, “Most people have never even heard of our quiet town, let alone relocated here on a whim without some sort of family tie. So, you really have no ties to the area?”

“Um, no. We don’t have any ties to the area, unfortunately,” Paul went on, “we had heard about the town through a friend who absolutely raved about it and we just couldn’t get it out of our heads.”

“Well, we are certainly glad you are here!” Melissa said, “I’d love to hear more about your work.”

Paul started, “Yes, I love my work! My business caters to homeowners who are bored with their current backyard set up. I work with my customers to create their dream oasis. It honestly is a dream come true for me. I love seeing a customer’s face when a project is finished. That is the best part of my job by far.” Paul smiled genuinely and Melissa could tell he meant what he said.

“That is so endearing Paul. I think the public would love to know how you got started in the landscaping business.” Melissa said.

“Well, it is something that has run in the family, my grandfather had a landscaping company and then my father and then me. I guess you could say it just runs in our blood.” Paul said with a laugh.

“That is so sweet,” Melissa said, “Okay, one final question for you, What is your number one goal for your business?”

“That is a great question,” Paul said, “and it’s easy for me to answer, I want to make Sanborn County the most beautiful county to live in the entire country! And that’s no joke.” Paul said with a wink.

Melissa could tell why the business was doing so well, “Wow, what a personality” she thought.

“Anything else you would like our readers to know?” Melissa asked Paul.

“If you are looking for landscaping help make sure to look up Torrey Pines Landscape Contractors! You won’t be disappointed.” Paul ended with.

“Thank you so much for your time Paul,” Melissa said, “I can’t wait to see how you help to transform the neighborhoods here!”

Here’s where you can contact them if you are looking for some landscaping help:

Torrey Pines Landscape Co.
(858) 454-1433