Personal Trainer

A Call Out For Fitness

We really enjoy our little town all the way out here in Sanborn County. It has been a real pleasure reporting on the new businesses that have setup shop around town. They just seem to keep coming in! We have one or two more to report on in the next couple of days that we are excited about as well but, before we do that we would like to do something a little different. We would like to send a request for a business to expand to our little county. Can you guess what it is? I know if any Sanbornians are reading, they have already guessed it.

We don’t have a gym! Or a trainer for that matter. We would be happy with both. Please don’t take this call out as alluding to something. There is no reading in between the lines here. We all get plenty of daily exercise out here in Sanborn. With all these new people moving out here and the subsequent businesses moving in after them, we think its surprising that not a single trainer or gym has tried to set up shop. Is our population not big enough? Do we seem like the people that wouldn’t be into that sort of thing? Pssssh. This article is here to prove you wrong.

We are looking for a personal trainer that has the equipment and certifications necessary to at least get something going. Obviously a gym would be ideal but beggars can’t be choosers. So, for whoever is reading this out there, we would love to have trainer move out here. You would be constantly busy getting all of us in the shape we want to be. We are looking for the best fitness trainer that would be willing to join our growing town. We want someone that is dedicated to tailoring each work out to each person he or she meets. We have plenty of people out here that are working through various issues and injuries so some background in rehab would be ideal.

We went and looked around some of the bigger cities to try and find some good examples of trainers that we would like to see around here. We found a great personal trainer in Irvine that seems to fit the bill almost exactly. We know these people are out there, someone has got to be looking for some new digs somewhere! Pick Sanborn! We promise it wont be something you ever regret.

Wedding Venue Winery

Winding Down Just Got A Little Easier

Get excited because we get to report on another business so soon! Sanborn county’s popularity is growing!  More and more businesses continue to move in. What was once a small little town with dreams of a bustling community with access to some of the pleasantries that a city has to offer, is quickly becoming just that. While the businesses we have reported on so far have been a step short of necessary for our town to keep functioning amicably, this next business makes the rest seem like a grind. We are excited to announce that a winery is setting up shop!

The local bar is one thing, its a dive, a social spot that all walks of life can meet on an equal playing field to talk and drink life’s worries away. A winery on the other hand, is a place where you can go to enjoy the atmosphere, the lushness of barrel room, and the delicious wine that this new winery is bringing to our county. The holidays are here ladies and gentlemen, and if you have a few of those people that you can never figure out how to gift, we now have the answer! Choose from a number wines derived from grapes all grown from our very own state of California. You’ll have to forgive the gushyness of this article or don’t. Why would it matter to us?… We have a winery moving in!

These guys are are one of the best reviewed businesses we’ve ever seen! The have hundreds of reviews that all put them in the 5 star range! Unheard of! AND THEY ARE EXPANDING HERE!!!… If we could express our excitement in emoji form, we would but I don’t think they have emojis that can describe the excitement. If you like the wine, we know you will, then don’t stop at gifting the wine to those hard to shop for friends and family members. Plan your next holiday party, event, or even a wedding in the barrel room! Their winery is beautiful and they treat you like royalty. Is there a downside to hosting your next event there? Psshhhhh NO! You get the barrel room, the delicious wine, and the wonderful people that host. They create this wonderfully inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like you are home enjoying a glass of wine.

Wait wait wait… You doubt how well reviewed they are? HAHAHA we are actually laughing in your face. Check out their yelp reviews where they are know to be the best spot to host an event. Ok so now that we’ve pinned out reputation for reporting on the best business on this winery, we implore you to check them out the next chance you get. Don’t let the holidays go by without at least taking a single sip of their red wine blends, or their whites, or their cab! It really is hard to choose when they are all good!

Until next time, and the next business, enjoy your holiday by winding down with a generous poor of wine from our newest winery. We promise you won’t regret it.

Divorce Mediation

In a Small Town, Mediation Always Trumps Litigation

As our little town continues to grow, so do the businesses moving in. As we continue to highlight the new businesses that are setting up shop, we like to explain our reasoning for featuring them here on our website. This next business that has moved in is clearly a wonderful fit for our little slice of heaven in the big vast world.

In a small town, words gets around. When there is drama with two people, the town has a tendency to learn about it faster than you would think. Some people in the town like to gossip about it, others like to feed the drama with more fuel so things can be exciting for a little longer, and others try their best to help. The biggest thing to remember here is that small towns never forget. Whatever happens between people stays in the memory of everyone that was involved or heard about it. That’s how small town works. There isn’t enough stimulus and input that you would get in a big city to push out even the most trivial memory filled with drama.

So what happens when a family or a couple decides they want to end it? What happens when the drama gets so out of control, divorce is the answer? This is what we would call a big freaken deal in a small town. Divorces can be so ugly and all that ugly normally ends up on all parties involved inside and outside the marriage. Unless the one the divorcee’s plans to leave our lovely little town, things are awkward for quite some time. We haven’t figured out a way around this aside from our local bartender playing therapists with both his words and his drinks… until now.

In comes our newest business, a divorce mediator! Back in Irvine, this group cut their teeth on some of the nastiest Orange County divorces out there. If you don’t understand this different between a divorce attorney and a divorce mediator, we will shed some light. For one, it is way cheaper and normally takes way less time to do. It also helps to facilitate and mutual understanding and agreement between the two parties so that no one walks away feeling beat up and bruised after a long ugly and expensive divorce. These mutual resolutions provide the biggest benefit to our little town. The two people often come out of a divorce mediation on good terms. They can continue living in the community in relative harmony without getting their ugly divorce all over the town. We can very excited to have such a business moving into out lovely town to keep the peace and help those that need it, find a resolution to a major problem.

We are very excited to make what was once a major problem, now one that can go under the radar in our town. It’s also equally exciting that this isn’t some new business that is moving in here. This is a tried and tested business that everyone seems to love. Check them out here!

Welcome! We are so happy you a here to keep our town as happy as it can be! Look for out next feature soon!


This Termite Be A Problem?

It’s crazy how real estate can have such an effect on a market. We’ve had more and more businesses move in due to the uptick in houses built and the general growing population of Sanborn County. As posted here before, an estate litigation got the jump on the market early and now they dominate the market. Lucky for us, they were not the first business to set up shop. We’ve had ice cream shops and fast food chains, froyo and a Mother’s Market, even a pet store and a groomer. Yes, the market here is ever growing and it is quite a pleasure to be posting here about it.

Now to change things up a bit, I’d like to use the following we have accrued over the past year and reach out looking for a business. There is a demand for a business here in Sanborn right now that is fairly high. Tis the season for Termites! Since Sanborn is a little off the beaten path and many of its homes are built from beautiful rich wood of all kinds, termites have finally found us and we do not have a business here that can fix the problem. The best we can do is drive down to the local Ace Hardware and hope they have some kind of termite spot-treatment for us. While that used to work in the past, and now that a Home Depot may come and open here, we may be able to hold off these little buggers for a little longer. So please, if anyone reading this, we really need an exterminator that can come take care of our issue without killing all of our pets. Natural termite extermination would be best! I’ll leave an example here a great exterminator out of Garden Grove that gets the job done safely. If only they could extend their service area to Sanborn!…. Can they?

Estate Litigation

New Businesses, Same Old Saying

With real estate really picking up in Sanborn County, many people are settling into their new homes and exploring all that the county has to offer. Driven by the power of local businesses, it’s always nice to post here when there is a new business in town. Well technically there are two. The first we will mention here is related to a topic that most people do not like talking about too often. Taxes. Luckily, there haven’t been any new IRS agents in town so if you were starting to have anxiety filled reactions to words like audit, we can relieve your worries right away and tell you no such thing will take place. Instead, we have a new tax man in town to help you with your taxes when tax season comes around. Most of the people who are setting up shop here need a tax man to make sure good old Uncle Sam doesn’t take advantage of them and their newly acquired homely assets. This leads us to our second new business in town.

With all these folks moving up here to this county and purchasing all our beautiful homes, it get to thinking about where these new assets will be handled and where they will go when the time comes to lay in the beautiful Sanborn County ground. If you didn’t guess it already, an estate planning and litigation attorney has setup a satellite shop here! Well when I say satellite shop, I mean he has made his services available remotely via phone call. While some people may take pause at this notion, we like to think of this as a blessing. This savvy probate administrator in Irvine is setup in a city where he gets to cut his teeth everyday making sure that everything that gets left behind by various people and in various amounts is properly administered to the people of places that the recently departed had deemed their wishes. We personally feel that if an attorney like that can take care of all those celebrities and all their fortunes, he can certainly take care of all us folk here in Sanborn County with all their newly acquired real estate assets.

So folks, not only do we have a tax man in town, we have a probate attorney who is easily reachable to ease anyone’s post mortem worry’s! If you feel that there are other easily reachable attorneys of the same type and possible caliber, I recommend checking their profile on Yelp. They are well reviewed and what do you know, the exact phone number we have here to reach them is also on Yelp.

If you still feel adverse to following up with this attorney, we will personally vouch for the quality of services offered as well as the professionalism that we experienced when working with them. Yes, that’s right, we here at do have assets that we too would like to pass to the appropriate people in the event of our passing. Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Like the old saying goes: there are only two certain things in life, death and taxes.

If you happen to make to take a trip to the beautiful Southern California, stop in a say hi and let the attorney’s down that way show you the professionalism we got in person. Check it out below.