Energy-Efficient Water Heater Replacement

The United States Department of Energy says that water heating “accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy use.” With that in mind, it makes sense that many American civilians have adopted the technique of the “navy shower”, also known as the “military shower.” The technique originated on naval ships in an effort to conserve scarce reserves of water. By turning on the water only to wet the body before applying soap and afterward to rinse, a significant amount of water is conserved, as the water is turned off during the soap application and lathering phase. 

Free Back View of Woman during Shower Stock Photo

Another method of showering and bathing popular among those of the warrior mindset is the cold shower. Popularized by Dutch motivational speaker Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, cold therapy is reported to be mentally and physically beneficial.

A small trial by Virginia Commonwealth University found that a cold shower could relieve symptoms of depression, boosting norepinephrine and beta-endorphin, which reduce the sensation of pain. By activating the sympathetic nervous system, the cold also reduces cytokines, which contribute to inflammation. Cold showers activate white blood cells which fight against illnesses caused by infections — so much so that people who take cold showers are less likely to take time off work or school due to illness.

For personal health and fitness, cold showers are beneficial for boosting resilience, metabolism, post-workout testosterone levels, and muscular recovery. During cold therapy, vasoconstriction reduces inflammation and lactic acid buildup, and when the body warms up, vasodilation draws nutrient and oxygen-dense blood into the muscular tissues. Muscle soreness is perceived to be significantly reduced.

Ultimately, the best technique for showering depends on the individual. And while there are plenty of benefits to cold showers, few can resist the comfort of a warm or hot shower after a long day. 

Water heating is extremely important for various tasks and appliances around the home. Many homeowners are repairing their water heaters or replacing their existing units with tankless water heaters through the services of professional plumbing here

Read David G.‘s review of California Plumbing on Yelp

Tank water heaters store dozens of gallons of hot water in tanks. Also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, tankless water heaters have become popular due to the fact that they heat water on demand. Instead of storing water in tanks, which require energy to keep the water at the set temperature, tankless water heaters heat the water as it flows to be used. Tank water heaters are measured by their gallon size, whereas tankless water heaters are measured by their flow rate. 

“For homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, demand water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. They can be 8%–14% more energy efficient for homes that use a lot of hot water — around 86 gallons per day. In some cases you may be able to achieve even greater energy savings if you install a demand water heater at each hot water outlet.”

If you are ready to upgrade or simply replace your water heater, you can give California Plumbing a call today.

California Plumbing
455 Willowcrest Way, Chula Vista, CA 91910


Sanborn County Officials: Hot Times Call For Hotshot Truck Insurance

Welcome back, Sanbornians! This is a special report on some very distressing trends we’ve seen popping up over the past couple of years.

It’s well known that crime is on the rise across the nation, along with a very unfortunate simultaneous rise in the number of fatal car accidents. These two factors have combined to make life quite a bit more dangerous in the years since the pandemic started.

As for Sanborn…well, it’s been said that when the nation catches a cold, Sanborn is already being given its final rites. The crime rates have exploded to the point that the streets are near anarchy and car crashes have become an almost daily occurrence in front of my residence.

While the crime and auto accidents are bad enough on their own, they’ve also severely impacted logistics coming to and from our little community. Trucks are often the targets of vandalism and robbery, and many of the accidents have involved trucks and other commercial vehicles.

While the county scrambles to get this newest emergency under control, they’ve issued a warning for all trucking companies operating in the area to keep their fleets fully insured and increase their security. Luckily for those logistics companies, a new broker has opened up shop in town, no doubt sniffing an opportunity: S.W.A.N. Insurance.

S.W.A.N. has been operating in the San Diego area for years, providing comprehensive protection plans for logistics, heavy equipment operators, and all manner of commercial vehicles for some of the most reasonable prices around. SWAN’s truck insurance has saved more than one owner-operator, and the glowing reviews left by their clients speak to their service skills and conscientiousness. Check them out:

Chris Mahlberg of Swan Insurance was recommended by a friend. At the time, I was searching for a knowledgeable, proactive agent that would find the best policies to fit my personal & business needs. I wanted a professional I could rely on to continually keep our policies updated with the right coverage and competitive rates. The top-notch customer service and ongoing communication with personalized support that I have received has been absolutely AMAZING!! A major factor in my decision to retain this agency was the willingness that Chris provided to go above and beyond the customary practice. He is extremely competent, driven, and extremely passionate about his job and it shows. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in finding the best coverage for commercial auto, general liability, workers’ compensation, etc. Swan Insurance values client relationships which provides outstanding, professional service along with competitive pricing. By far this agency is one great example of a local company demonstrating that capacity and aptitude!

– Danny Boyd, Google Review

I’ve been working with Chris and his team for over one year and two months. My first insurance for my business. He always makes time for my questions or concerns.

No matter how small or tedious and responses are always timely.

Chris and Anna are very professional, polite, hard-working people, patient. They do their best to provide the information needed. Very well organized. For my business, this is more than fine. I don’t even want to change my insurance because I don’t think so,  I will find someone better than Chris and Anna. Excellent customer service!

I would strongly recommend Swan Insurance because of its quality service, full transparency, ease of doing business, and most importantly reliable. Happy with SWAN INSURANCE!!!

– Mattew M., Yelp Review

While your city may not be facing the same level of danger as our unfortunate slice of California, it still pays to protect your fleet, investments, and business. If you’re in need of hotshot trucking or any other commercial vehicle insurance, give SWAN a call:

S.W.A.N. Insurence

(858) 381-3108

2148 4th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

Pest Control

Sanborn Ethics Committee Approves New Ethical Insect Eradication Methods

Welcome back, Sanbornians! As many of you know, we recently needed to move our publishing house (again!) thanks to the building being condemned. The culprit this time? Termites!

Yes, the termite scourge has returned once again. This time they’re driven by the once-a-Millenium monsoon rains currently flooding Death Valley. Swarms of the unique desert termites descended on our fair county, rendering many already mostly decrepit buildings totally uninhabitable.

This time, however, the county was ready with a rapid response. The county recently opened the door for southern California local company Natural Science Exterminating to bring its unique brand of organic termite control to bear against the invading hordes to great effect.

We first heard of Natural Science thanks to the sterling reputation they’ve garnered online. Post upon post on Yelp and Google extolled the virtues of the company, including their efficacy and general upstanding conduct while performing their services around southern California.

To get a sense of what we’re talking about, just take a look at this random selection of testimonials:

We have been using Natural Science Exterminating for years.  We started back when they were called Hired Gun.  We initially hired them to deal with a termite problem.  They were able to effectively treat the issue without resorting to tenting.  (The other firms we contacted for quotes all wanted to tent.) We continue to use them for annual termite inspections and also for bi-monthly treatment of spiders and ants.  Brian, our exterminator, is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and on-time.  He answers all of our questions and gives us options for the best treatment solution for any of our issues. – Nicholas Gebelt, Google Review

Read Nancy K.‘s review of Natural Science Exterminating on Yelp

I really appreciated the honesty and upfront nature of this company. We had a bad ant problem all throughout our home that we need to bring professionals in for. We wanted something that would work but that was nontoxic or eco friendly as we have 2 little people living with us that can help but put everything in there mouths (children ‍). From first contact I felt taken care of. I explained our situation and was given options that would best suit us. They let us know that the product they’d be using inside may not be as effective but would still work.

They even came back out at no cost to spot treat a few areas for us (within 30 days).

All and all it’s been a little over a month and we haven’t seen a single ant. It’s such a relief since ants were in the little ones cribs upstairs.

I’d highly recommend them. – Wild K., Yelp Review

While there were losses in this year’s battles against the termite menace, we managed to beat them back with fewer casualties than usual thanks to their novel eco-friendly methods of pest control. Who knew that natural, organic compounds like orange oil could have such a devastating effect?

If you need termite treatments and prevention that you don’t need to worry about your young ones or pets getting into, call Natural Science. Their methods use natural compounds to expel pests from your property without the possible damage to the local environment and your household.

Natural Science Exterminating


11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Office Furniture

A Bright History Of Corruption

Hello and welcome back to the hometown rag, Sanbornians! Some of you have noticed that posting frequency has slimmed to a mere trickle in the past half year, and I am sad to say that there is no end in sight for that.

I am afraid, dear readers, that being a wandering poet and local reporter doesn’t pay quite as well as it used to. Shocking as it may be to those locals who regularly spit on the author of this piece, call him a bum, and laugh at his receding hairline, I’ve recently gotten a second job to help ends meet.

It just so happens that I found employment with one of Sanborn county’s oldest local establishments, the Sanborn Paper Mill. They are the company that turned the Sanborn valley, famous in the 19th century for its vast untouched forests, into one of the most productive paper-producing regions in the country!

That was many, many years ago, however! Sanborn valley’s last tree was felled by mill workers back in 1974 in what many would call one of the greatest travesties committed by man against both the natural world and common sense.

Though the governor at the time tried to save some of the few remaining groves, the mayor at the time also happened to be the owner of the mill, who went on record as laughing at the governor to his face and ashing his cigar on his carpet. Another charming Sanbornian historical figure!

While the trees were gone, the Mill remained. Sanborn Mill was one of many other American companies that took to internationalizing their workforce and outsourcing their product. Local woodcutters were purged from payrolls as Sanborn Mill shifted its wandering eye from the now desiccated local forests to brighter pastures abroad: the Amazon forest in Brazil and the Congo in Africa.

That isn’t to say its entire domestic workforce was eliminated, however! The corporate offices remained, where public relations and marketing departments worked hard to obfuscate the company’s role in deforestation and the in-house legal team swelled in size to fend off the glut of human rights and environmental lawsuits.

That brings us to today, where I discovered upon entering the building that they hadn’t made my desk available yet. In fact, the entire department was completely devoid of office equipment. I was told this was thanks to a corporate memo that had been taken far too literally.

The office needed furniture, quickly. Options were limited thanks to lingering issues caused by the supply chain crisis, but luckily for us, a new company had opened a branch out here in Sanborn: Creative Office Design!

Creative Office Design has been consistently been one of the few companies offering quick ship options for new office cubicles in L.A. since the start of the supply crunch. While most companies have turnaround times of up to half a year, Creative consistently is able to furnish offices within a single month.

The company doesn’t just sell office equipment, however. They provide professional office design services that let companies take full advantage of their space and customize the equipment to match their desired aesthetic.

From cutting-edge engineering firms designing and manufacturing aerospace components to more established firms refurbishing an old paper mill, Creative Office Design has seen and furnished them all. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for months if you find yourself in an urgent situation.

If your company is anything like ours, you’ll find yourself in dire need of new office furnishings sooner rather than later. When that happens, do yourself a favor and call Creative.

Creative Office Design


5230 Pacific Concourse Dr #105, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Cannabis Security

Sanborn County Alert Level: RED

Welcome back for this special news bulletin, Sanbornians! Summer is here once again, and that means the annual Sanborn crime wave is taking its usual course through the county.

This year is promising to be a record breaker, however! The people of our humble county know that when the rest of the state sneezes, we’re soon to come down with plague. This translates to Sanborn being overrun by rifraff as the state experiences its worst crime wave since the 1990’s.

The worst casualty so far is the newly opened cannabis dispensaries dotting the county. Sanborn was an early adopter of cannabis distribution after the state legalized it, and the industry has been booming ever since.

Since the start of the year, however, dispensaries have been robbed on a nearly weekly basis. One dispensary owned by concerned citizen Jimmy Smokes has experienced three separate, yet identically performed robberies.

The criminals used large trucks to ram the front of his store, breaking the windows, doors, and walls. They would then scamper in, grab the crop and the cash, and then tag the walls with their gang affiliation. Dastardly!

Thankfully, Sanborn has not seen any dispensary robberies resulting in an injury or death, but that isn’t the case everywhere. Dispensaries and growing operations across the state and up the west coast are getting more deadly by the day.

In Washington, budtenders are at particular risk as robberies increase in frequency and severity. One particularly deadly week earlier this year saw three dispensary employees killed by emboldened criminals.

So, what are dispensary owners and employees to do? From all accounts, depending on the police or local governments to crack down on robberies has been a long wait for a train that isn’t coming. Dispensaries all over the west coast have reported that police are unwilling to help and local districts are not interested in punishing crime.

Here in Sanborn, our local district attorney is a well-known wino that is frequently seen napping in the town’s parks. While in previous years that has worked well for local citizens, as the crime wave worsens many are left without legal recourse.

So what are dispensary owners to do? As the state flounders in its response, many have turned to private security firms to provide some protection for their businesses and employees.

This solution comes with its own problems, however. Many security guards are poorly trained and get into the industry thanks to a history of, or penchant for, violence. This can lead to lawsuits and a load of bad press as the guards harass locals or get in unnecessarily violent altercations.

This is why we here at this humble rag recommend you contract out your security system to the professionals. Security consultants can help you plan every aspect of your security system and ensure you work with quality suppliers and well-trained guards.

For businesses that want to improve on their existing security systems, bay area local Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions (C.C.S.S.) provides cannabis dispensary security audits. These audits test each part of the system and verify that it complies with local ordinances and your insurance policies so there’s no chance your claims will be denied over a minor detail.

Crime ebbs and flows over the years, and we’re in the midst of one of the biggest flow periods we’ve seen in 40 years. Make sure your business isn’t swamped by calling the guys over at C.C.S.S. for a security plan and audit.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions

925 922 1067

2269 Chestnut Street, #856 San Francisco, CA 94123


Pests Out of Control In Sanborn

Hello and welcome to another addition to our home county rag, Sanbornians! I come to you today with yet another breaking report!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the rats have emerged from their winter hiding holes and descended upon the city in a wave of furry horror. Our phone lines have been ringing off the hook with reports of the rodent menace as they make their annual invasion of the town.

The stories this year are a doozy! We had one report from a citizen who had their dinner. interrupted by a colony breaking through their ceilings and landing smack in the middle of the table, all of them squeaking and writhing.

Another report had one citizen noticing a very awful stench coming from their oven as they were preheating it to cook a roast that day. When they opened the door, they saw that they had roasted something, all right!

Yes, they had roasted a large family of rats. My uncle always said that during the bad ol’ days, you could sprinkle some salt and it would be a pretty good meal, but I don’t think the citizen reporting it found the sight especially appetizing.

I myself have seen the little horde of critters rummaging through some of my favorite dumpsters to dive in, and their inclusion has been very unwelcome. I ended up paying some local children to bash them with the sticks they were playing with and used their little bodies as a warning to stay away from my turf.

Luckily for us, the newest business to have opened up shop in town – Grand Oaks Pest Control – seems to be the perfect fit to alleviate our annual rodent raid. Grand Oaks has already made some fantastic progress in keeping pest populations down in much of northern L.A., so we can only hope that they are as effective here as they are in their home territory.

What makes Grand Oaks Pest Control some of the best pest control experts around isn’t just their efficacy at exterminating pests, though. The guys at Grand Oaks do a thorough job when assessing the kind of damage the pests have done and even offer carpentry services when the critters have made a major mess of things.

Grand Oaks’ customers note that the customer service is second to none, which is definitely a difficult thing to find in the pest control industry. The crew go out of their way to leave job sites cleaner than they found them and keep customers well informed of the extent of their problems, costs, and timelines.

Many of their clients have noted that Grand Oaks provides permanent solutions to problems that previous companies have needed to make monthly visits to fix. In other words, perfect for a town who faces a yearly invasion from an inexhaustible population of rats!

While our problem may be too much for one company to handle, they can certainly alleviate many of yours. If you’re experiencing a pest infestation, give Grand Oaks a call:

Grand Oaks Pest Control



Outdoor Landscaping Creates Space For Intentional Living

The United States has been having an epidemic that most of us haven’t even noticed. It isn’t a life-threatening virus, but it does affect our health and daily lives in significant ways. 

The Overworking Epidemic 

Neverending to-do lists. Non-stop slack notifications. Overflowing email inboxes. Many Americans report feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and depressed about having way too much work. But at the same time, we also report being too distracted by the news and social media updates. 

The normalization of wifi and social media usage has created an addiction to digital instant gratification. At any given time, we feel like we should be checking our inboxes for the latest about work or Twitter for the latest celebrity gossip. It’s an itch that doesn’t seem to ever go away—and scratching it only makes it itchier.

Fewer Distractions Equal More Focus

The pace of today’s modern world would be unfathomable to someone who lived in the same era as Emily Dickinson, one of the most important American poets to have ever lived. Dickinson gardened throughout her life, and her experiences with plants were often referenced in her poems. Writing is a task that requires steadfast attention and discipline over the course of many hours and days. This is why it is doubtful that Dickinson would have penned so many influential works in her lifetime had her time been wasted with meaningless mobile distractions. 

We should all strive to put our phones down so that we are less distracted and more focused. The intention isn’t to become more productive so that we can work more than we ought to or need to, but rather for the finitely limited time we have to be spent properly and more meaningfully.

Nature Might Save Us From The Pitfalls Of Technology 

Forbes reports that the landscaping industry continues to see steady growth, thanks to millennials who are becoming prospective homeowners who want more than just a traditional backyard. Today’s young professionals want to be able to work from home and live and play in spaces that are functional throughout all seasons. 

Moreover, millennials are crazed about plants and remote work. Plants became a viral social media trend, as soon as people began having more time to spend at home with loved ones.

If you are in need of some reprieve from constantly being tethered (or wirelessly connected) to the modern world, consider immersing yourself in nature. Your own backyard can become a garden oasis by Torrey Pines Landscaping, professional landscape design services in San Diego. The entire process begins with an interview and discussion to understand your needs and ideas. The landscape design is planned and quoted before work is completed from beginning to end.

Exterior of contemporary house with cozy terrace and garden with bushes and trees on autumn day

Like nature, life is constantly changing. But landscaping trends, such as outdoor kitchens, are here to stay.

From sculptures to water fountains to stone pathways,  Torrey Pines Landscaping is equipped to design and build your backyard, turning it from a dream into a reality. You can give them a call today.

Torrey Pines Landscape Company
5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121


Termite Health Risks

Termites are one of the greatest enemies to homeowners, as they can cause severe damage to a house within just a few days. These insects live in large colonies and prefer to eat wood and other cellulose material. They can be found in the dark and damp areas of the house. 

Termites are tiny creatures that are generally light brown or white in color and are likely to possess straight antennae. There are several species of termites but the three most common ones found in the United States are dry wood termites, damp wood termites, and subterranean termites. 

In addition to the destruction they wreak on homes, they can be harmful to human health as well. Although rare, their bites can cause several painful symptoms including itching, irritation, swelling, and redness. If these symptoms are not treated on time, they may get worse and may require serious medical care.  

Termites usually do not carry any serious diseases with them. Therefore, people often ignore their bites. But some people are susceptible to infection from termite bites, which should not be ignored. You can deal with termite bites with some simple steps: wash the affected area with water and soap, apply a cold compress to ease discomfort, and observe the area for changes. If you observe anything serious or if the condition worsens with time, call the doctor and seek medical attention immediately.

The main risk that termites pose to human health is the destruction they can cause to homes, causing the home to be unsafe and requiring repair. If you think that your house may be infested, call a termite inspector immediately.

Can termites be exterminated organically? 

You may have used orange oil to add flavor to baked goods and salads. Orange oil is also a natural solution to exterminate pests. Orange oil can be deadly for many bugs and insects including crickets, spiders, wasps, flies, ants, cockroaches, and termites. 

Experienced professionals recommend orange oil as one of the most effective natural methods for organic termite control, especially against dry wood termites. Orange oil contains d-limonene, an active ingredient widely known for its weed-killing capacity. Scientific studies reveal that this oil dissolves directly into the exoskeleton of termites and ultimately destroys their cell membranes. It kills the termites through the massive depletion of protein and water in their body. 

Orange Fruit

Termite infestations should be exterminated by experienced professionals. Inspections will locate the severity of the infestation. It may be necessary to drill holes into the infested wood in order to apply the termiticide.

Orange oil can be highly effective, but sometimes the termite invasion is so deep that the extermination requires traditional treatment. In the worst cases, orange oil will not be effective enough for the severity of the infestation. Tent fumigation may be necessary in some situations in order to kill the termites and prevent them from coming back.

If you think you may have termites and are in need of organic exterminating methods, give Natural Science Exterminating a call. They use tent fumigation as the last resort and are experienced with treating infestations of any degree of severity.

Natural Science Exterminating
11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841


Relay Race

Hello and good morning, Sanbornians! I apologize for the relative lack of reporting lately – there simply isn’t much going on! I know – how rare for our little slice of paradise.

Today is mostly about reporting on wider events that just so happen to be affecting our county as well as the state…the country…heck, even the world! The current supply chain issues aren’t isolated to just the ports and some smaller communities, it seems like even major cities are beginning to feel the pinch, as well!

Sanborn is of course no stranger to supply shortages, with the great famine of 1997 still fresh on many residents’ minds. We lost many good people that year, and the memorial is expected to be finished by 2050!

This shortage is different, however. The supply chain shocks are unprecedented, as far as anyone can tell. The COVID pandemic created a whirlwind of novel pressures on points of the system that had never experienced pressure before.

Port closures in China, factory lockdowns in Vietnam, and wildly shifting changes in consumer behavior appear to be especially large drivers of the current shortages, but here in sunny California, there is an interesting and highly disturbing unique problem we appear to be facing: truck and truck driver shortages.

The shortage of truckers and their vehicles has been a long time coming, with many experts in the industry noting with concern that younger truckers were few and far between and many of those new entrants leaving once the reality of spending the majority of their time on the road settled in. Port truckers, on the other hand, have a better work-life balance, but many find that the extreme wait times to get in and out of the port for loading were significantly affecting their ability to make a living.

A relatively new route for truckers has opened up outside of the typical long-haul and first/last mile shipping routes – the Amazon Relay network. With the aforementioned shift in consumer goods caused by the pandemic, Amazon’s shipping network has increased significantly in size and complexity as they contract out with hundreds of logistics carriers all over the country.

Its thanks to Amazon’s enormous size that it is capable of having its own shipping network, which it depends on to make quick deliveries all over the country as part of its Amazon Prime program, a major selling point for the company. With such a huge presence on the shipping market, they have additional requirements for many of their carriers in order to alleviate the risks involved, including a specific type of insurance.

Amazon Relay insurance includes a number of different policies, including Commercial General Liability, Cargo Liability, Worker’s comp, and employer liability. These policies can run you quite a lot, so its best to get them conglomerated through a single provider.

Luckily for truckers working in our little corner of California, a new business partner has opened up shop here in town – S.W.A.N. Insurance! They specialize in commercial trucking and heavy equipment in general, and have years of experience helping truckers and logistics companies get situated with their insurance requirements to work with the local ports.

Let’s hope this supply shortage doesn’t have quite the same effect the one in 1997 did, though I do think most citizens in our fair county now keep a store of at least a year’s worth of food and fuel after the harsh lessons of that year were learned! Many, many harsh lessons…

If you are interested in helping alleviate the trucker shortage or need insurance to join up with Amazon Relay, call SWAN at:


(858) 381-3108

2148 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Cannabis Security

New Report: Enormous Crime Wave MISSES Select Businesses!

Hello and welcome to the most recent addition of the local Sanborn rag, reporting direct from ground zero of the most recent and destructive crime wave we’ve had in almost a half decade. The streets are choked with smoke, the police have once again joined with the looters and rioters, and the sound of gunshots can be heard on a minute-to-minute basis.

Normal citizens, inured to this by this point, zig-zag across the streets on their way to supermarkets or their places of work. Some take the opportunity to train their children, now old enough to experience their first riots, on the ins and outs of how to survive what has been a Sanborn tradition for nearly 200 years.

Business owners stay home or gather together in front of a television, taking bets on whether or not their shop will be burned down and looted this go-around. Something is a bit different this time, though, as I noticed when making my own circuitous route through the city.

The local dispensary, despite being right in the path of the destructive mob and filled to the gills with product they would no doubt love to loot, was standing tall and firm, with nary a broken window to speak of. This shocked me, as our mobs take quite a bit of pride in being thorough during their revelry, so I decided to do a little bit of digging.

As it turns out, the dispensary had heard of our county’s unique tradition and had taken steps to ensure that they would emerge unscathed. They had contracted out a security firm that had just expanded out of the bay area along with the dispensaries that went by the name of Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, or CCSS for short.

Due to the new regulations surrounding the legalization of cannabis and the poor state of public order in the bay area, security – a major concern for all businesses, but dispensaries more than others – was a necessary and well-justified concern. A firm that could provide cannabis security solutions that not only conformed to local ordinances but provided an airtight security system that protected customers, employees, and business owners is a hot commodity.

As I have seen, CCSS provides all of that and more. The guards were well trained and new exactly what to do during emergency situations, the shop had plenty of cameras, alarms, and a well-functioning lock-and-key system that prevented unwanted visitors from easily planning a crime on-premises.

It was a strange sight, with downtown turned into a smoldering wreckage and yet a single building standing as if nothing had happened. The smoke and flames seemed to be part of a sick joke that had gotten way too far out of hand when viewed in context.

While many cities lack our customs, many do have issues with crime, both violent and non-violent, that require the use of stringent security systems. If you need a tighter security plan and system, give CCSS a call today.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions