Estate Litigation

New Businesses, Same Old Saying

With real estate really picking up in Sanborn County, many people are settling into their new homes and exploring all that the county has to offer. Driven by the power of local businesses, it’s always nice to post here when there is a new business in town. Well technically there are two. The first we will mention here is related to a topic that most people do not like talking about too often. Taxes. Luckily, there haven’t been any new IRS agents in town so if you were starting to have anxiety filled reactions to words like audit, we can relieve your worries right away and tell you no such thing will take place. Instead, we have a new tax man in town to help you with your taxes when tax season comes around. Most of the people who are setting up shop here need a tax man to make sure good old Uncle Sam doesn’t take advantage of them and their newly acquired homely assets. This leads us to our second new business in town.

With all these folks moving up here to this county and purchasing all our beautiful homes, it get to thinking about where these new assets will be handled and where they will go when the time comes to lay in the beautiful Sanborn County ground. If you didn’t guess it already, an estate planning and litigation attorney has setup a satellite shop here! Well when I say satellite shop, I mean he has made his services available remotely via phone call. While some people may take pause at this notion, we like to think of this as a blessing. This savvy probate administrator in Irvine is setup in a city where he gets to cut his teeth everyday making sure that everything that gets left behind by various people and in various amounts is properly administered to the people of places that the recently departed had deemed their wishes. We personally feel that if an attorney like that can take care of all those celebrities and all their fortunes, he can certainly take care of all us folk here in Sanborn County with all their newly acquired real estate assets.

So folks, not only do we have a tax man in town, we have a probate attorney who is easily reachable to ease anyone’s post mortem worry’s! If you feel that there are other easily reachable attorneys of the same type and possible caliber, I recommend checking their profile on Yelp. They are well reviewed and what do you know, the exact phone number we have here to reach them is also on Yelp.

If you still feel adverse to following up with this attorney, we will personally vouch for the quality of services offered as well as the professionalism that we experienced when working with them. Yes, that’s right, we here at do have assets that we too would like to pass to the appropriate people in the event of our passing. Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Like the old saying goes: there are only two certain things in life, death and taxes.

If you happen to make to take a trip to the beautiful Southern California, stop in a say hi and let the attorney’s down that way show you the professionalism we got in person. Check it out below.