Business Consulting Changes The Town

Breaking news was not a term thrown around at the Sanborn Gazette very frequently. For once they had something that warranted the terminology, writer Sharon Smith thought as she left the new Business Consulting Firm’s office. She rushed back to her home base, the Gazette’s two cubicle office, to write her piece on the business.

New Business, PerSynergy Coaching, Takes Sanborn by Storm

A new business is making a splash in our small town of Sanborn. Sanborn, with a population of just 1,006 is home to just over a dozen small local businesses. In the past, our economic growth has been a challenge. Small businesses were pushed to the wayside, while citizens opted for the 15-minute drive to the big city to do their shopping at the big chain retailers.

Well, not anymore! This top-notch coaching firm has infiltrated our community, working to turn the economy around. Seven of our local businesses have already chosen to use their services with shocking results! These businesses include the famous Patty’s Diner, Thomas’s Shoes and More, and Frank’s Food and Stuff.

I was able to score interviews with some of these establishment’s owners along with the leader of PerSynergy Coaching. The rest of the business owners were, unfortunately, not available for comment at this time.

When asked about the progress they were making, Mrs. Patty herself said, “It is amazing! Sales are through the roof. People are willing to stay here and grab a bite to eat instead of driving into town to go to the Cheese Cake Factory. Things could not be going better, I would highly recommend these business consulting pros to anyone.”

On a typically day Patty’s Diner might have had forty customers cumulatively throughout the day. Now, Mrs. Patty states an average of sixty customers throughout the day. “The growth is staggering,” she says!

Thomas, the owner of Thomas’s Shoes and More, says, “I love, love, love, working with PerSynergy. They help me get the job done and business has never been better. They have quickly become a pillar of this community, and a beacon of hope for all small business owners. To him I tip my hat.”

Thomas’s Shoes report earnings that are 25% higher since they hired the consulting firm. They rave, “business is so much better!” They also have been able to take on more staff members, stimulating the economy.

When asked what his vision is behind his consulting firm the owner states, “Our vision is simply to improve this great community. I have always loved this community. My grandparents were born and raised here before moving away, but I remember coming to visit as a kid. The more jobs we can create in Sanborn, the more successful I feel we have been. We have a vision of a self-sustaining Sanborn. A community where you do not have to drive into town every time you want to grocery shop or get a haircut. We have to build on what we have here in order to create something beautiful.”

So, there you have it, this is the way of the future for Sanborn. There will be more reports to come on how this new business is vastly impacting our small community, so stay tuned!

You can find these consultants here:

PerSynergy Consulting
5 Somerset, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
(949) 543-0415