A Smarter Way To Bookkeep

It is always an exciting time when a new business comes into town and this week is no different. I am thrilled to introduce you all to the newest member of our business community here in Sanborn County.

I’m pleased to introduce Smart Bean Inc.

Smart Bean Inc Bookkeeping in Tustin CA is a start of the art bookkeeping company that uses machine learning to help automate the bookkeeping process which helps them to keep their prices low and provide service that goes above and beyond. I know many of you will be glad to hear about the low prices, but I want to assure you that there is more to be excited about than just their affordable prices.

Now, unfortunately, as many of you know, Sanborn County’s long-time, resident bookkeeper, Al Countant, recently passed away. Al was a staple in the community, having been in business here for 45 years! We’ll always fondly remember Al’s famous scarecrows that he would put up during the Halloween festival and his award-winning apple pie that he would only make once a year. His sudden passing left many of our local businesses scrambling for accounting help. Smart Bean comes in at just the right time to help these businesses as we approach the busy holiday season.

As with all new businesses that come into town, I did a little research on them. We want to make sure that only the best work in Sanborn County and I will try and do my part to keep you informed of every new business.

To start, I checked out their Yelp account to see what others were saying about them. You can find that here: Yelp is a great spot to get a feel for what the people think about a business. Great businesses will often have very loyal and vocal supporters online.

I then went to check out their website which you can see in the link above. Their website is quite impressive and was a very helpful resource. Right off the bat, you can see the services that they offer as well as the pricing structure and packages. This is nice because you can know right away what you are getting for your money and you don’t have to be worried about whether you are being ripped off or not. Some of the services that they offer include Daily Bookkeeping, Monthly Reporting, Bill Pay, and 1099 tracking. And to top it all off, you can try their services for free for 3 months! I think that the people of Sanborn County will be very happy with their offer and their services should cover all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

And lastly, I found some videos that Smart Bean created and uploaded onto YouTube. They look great and if they are any indication of the type of bookkeeping work that they do then I think that our town will be in good accounting hands for the foreseeable future! I’ve included one of their videos below that I think will resonate with our readers:

If you are wondering where you can find Smart Bean, check them out here:

Smart Bean Inc

17291 Irvine Blvd #104, Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 503-8108