Local Businesses

Sanborn County isn’t known for a lot of things but it certainly does well for a few small businesses in town. The hardware store certainly has a built-in year round kind of business.

So far the town still needs a plumber to fix the one broken pipe downtown but eventually we’ll get there.

One area where business has taken off lately is in real estate – mainly because of all the folks buying homes in warmer climates. Two of the richest business in town these days don’t actually exist in our county at all! The first one operates down in Aliso Viejo CA and another one is in San Clemente CA and those two folks are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They helped us South Dakotans adjust to the perfect weather, endless food, and business opportunities right away. They took a few hopefuls downtown and showed them what tacos are supposed to really taste like,  what a networking meeting could look like,  and what a “Sunny Day” actually means when there isn’t snow on the ground.