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Take a Seat

You know that feeling when you’re at a barbecue and the food is finally ready so you grab a plate, pile it high and search for a place to sit – only to find the cramped house and patio have 4 chairs and a couple stairs between them? Nothing like cutting a steak with 1 hand as other guests squeeze past you to the cooler. Unfortunately many business owners feel the same way. After spending months or years building something big enough to hire employees, those first team members start to file in, only to find some dilapidated card tables and kitchen chairs for the entire work day. Today’s workforce is presented lavish comforts compared to previous generations. The layout and design of modern work-spaces is a huge point of interest in burgeoning markets.

Creative office design is a hot new topic where employers are challenged to keep talent on their team. Gone are the days of grey cubicles and hard backless stools. In today’s office you’re most likely to find a sit to stand adjustable work space with a multi-dimensional adjustable executive mesh chair. It makes sense that a work space affects the quality of work delivered. This is the guiding principle behind offices like Facebook and Google that set talent retention alongside profit as business priorities.

What’s the most exciting part of this comfort revolution? The winnings for small towns like Sanborn County. In our little city that’s growing like a weed with new businesses, everyone has to find a place to sit. Companies are all clamoring over one another for top talent and the best way to keep a new employee in a seat is to ensure she is comfortable. That’s where companies like Creative Office Design come in. Creative Office Design specializes in turning the office environment into something of a power plant – optimally efficient by design. That starts with elegant and ergonomic office furniture. Conference rooms, lobbies, communal spaces, and executive suites play different roles in the corporate drama and require different furnishings to match the need. Creative Office Design has furnishings to meet the need and budget of any business. Now before you start shopping down at Jimbo’s boot, jerky and furniture emporium to find a better deal, consider that Creative Office Design has a constantly updating inventory of pre-owned office furniture and used cubicles for sale at top quality and bottom dollar. No it doesn’t come in a package deal with a new set of lawnmower blades but small towns have to adapt with the times the same as any.

The moral of the story is that we are about to get a whole lot more supported and a whole lot more productive around here in Sanborn. Never underestimate the power of posture with your project production. The way you work affects the way you live if you work for a living. Might as well work with some ergonomic intention. On that note, this blogger needs to go roll out some spine cramps and take a power nap.

Firearms Training Classes

Are You Trained or Untrained?

Sanborn grows yet again into another field of business! We are happy to announce that we had some awesome fellas pass through our small county and stop to let us know their training services extend beyond their home county reach. If you have been reading these updates, i’m sure you have your guesses of what business will come next.  Now that we’ve told you that it’s a business that offers some sort of training, can you narrow your guess? We’ve mentioned the personal trainer that’s helping us all train our physical bodies. What else can you train? What skills can you learn from training?

Out here in Sanborn, we do our best to keep to ourselves, help each other out, and not make too big a blip on the radar. As such, most people take care of themselves. We are less reliant on some of the amenities that big city folk have. There isn’t a fast food chain in town. There is no Starbucks or Costco or any major chain of anything really. We have what we need. Grocery store, local mechanic, dentist office, doctors office, policy station, fire station, post office of course, and a solid bar. We are leaving out the new businesses that have been moving in all over town to server our growing population. Almost every business that has set up shop has been privately owned and high quality. This new business is nothing short of that. We are happy to announce that some of the coolest guys we’ve had the pleasure of meeting are offering their top tier gun training classes here in our little county. You read that right, not only does every resident of Sanborn own a gun, now we will have the ability to be more proficient with them. If these guys would passed through a little sooner, maybe Tom wouldn’t have lost his toe in that “accident” last month. No more of that!

When it comes to weapons training, these guys really cover almost every base. You want to be trained with handguns? You got it. You want to be trained with rifles? You got it. You want to be trained at long range? Done! If you think you have good enough reasons to conceal the weapon we all know you own, ask about it. These guys offer concealed carry weapon permits to those that it applies to. Think you can do better somewhere else? We don’t. These guys have crazy reviews on Yelp and Google. As always, we like to make that information as easy as possible. Here they are:

Gun training experts.

See what we mean!? These guys are legit and they are going to make Sanborn a better place. We could all use the training for both ourselves and others. I think I can safely say that we here at this local publication are more excited about this new business than any other we have posted… no offense to others. They are all great for their own reasons but it is hard to deny how much fun it is to shoot guns. I bet it will be even more fun to really learn how to use them.

Until next time, be careful with your weapons, Tom, and keep checking in for new businesses moving into our wonderful Sanborn county.