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    Good afternoon, Sanbornians! I’m quite happy to report that the dust is finally settling from the crises over the previous few months, and an eerie calm has settled over our fair county. With the termite menace receding, the citizens of our great county are returning to their houses to survey the damage done and decide […]
  • The Benefits and Responsibilities of Being a Dog Owner
    Many of us know of dogs as the best friends of human beings. This may be the main reason why most Americans prefer owning a pet. Studies reveal that almost 52% of pet owners in the United States enjoy keeping them for companionship in life and 40% believe that the presence of a dog at […]
  • A Growing Problem
    Good afternoon and welcome back to the Sanborn County Rag! Well, what’s left of it, anyway! Since our last update on the termite issue, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse. We seem to have a bit of a plague on our hands, and the situation is looking a little grim! […]
  • Summer In Sanborn
    Hello and welcome to the Winter edition of the Sanborn County rag! Well, it’s supposed to be winter, anyway – some real unusual weather patterns have been causing the county to be unseasonably warm after the sudden snowstorm hit us in December. The warm weather has caused some Sanbornians to venture out and start participating […]
  • Unscheduled Collapse Of Sanborn’s Oldest Building Heralds New Era
    Good morning, Sanbornians! And what an eventful morning it’s been! In the wee hours of the morning, the old Sanborn historical courthouse suddenly collapsed in on itself in a spectacular crash, leaving much of the neighborhoods surrounding it choking in a cloud of asbestos and leaded paint particles. We have not gotten a full count […]